TankTap has been released!

Challenge your friends in the local multiplayer madness that is TankTap! Drive your tank through various arenas and come out victorious by using your reflexes and wit. 

TankTap is a 2-4 local multiplayer game. You get pitted against your friends or the AI and he who survives, wins the match! Choose from several tanks, each with their own unique play-style. Enter one of the available arenas and be the quickest to pick up power-ups and get a totally unfair advantage over the other tanks!

Of course you need to train when you can't find anybody to play with. The AI will keep you on your A game!

  • Tanks!
  • Local multiplayer chaos!
  • One iPad, four players!
  • Competitive AI for when your are lonely!
  • Over-powered power-ups!